Forensic Accounting

Data-Ops’ expertise in data mining and analysis combined with our licensed CPAs’ knowledge and expertise gives us the unique ability to provide forensic accounting services. We have experience investigating financial fraud, providing insight and valuation of an insurance claim, and providing expert reports and expert witness testimony for litigation.

Past Work:

  • Evaluation of over 100 commercial insurance claims related to inventory theft and losses, employee fraud, products liability and recall, lost profits, business interruption losses, and property damage
  • Provided expert witness reports in support of a client’s position countering allegations brought in a lawsuit by a policyholder
  • Worked on dozens of claims and legal cases arising from catastrophic events such as the 9/11 World Trade Center collapse and Hurricanes Charley and Frances
  • Analyzed and reviewed operational and financial records and correlated results with industry data
  • Developed forecast models to project a company’s total and per unit revenues, expenses, and profits
  • Forensic accounting experience in all industries including retail, manufacturing, and service